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Outdoor Fires

Warmth, Culinary Versatility, and Elegance

Welcome to our Outdoor Fires collection, where we bring warmth, culinary creativity, and elegance to your outdoor spaces. Explore a range of products designed to enhance your outdoor experience, from wood-burning fire pits to versatile BBQ grills and innovative pizza ovens. This collection offers a wide range of options to transform your space into a haven of warmth and elegance.

Sustainable and Smoke-Free

Many of our outdoor products utilise sustainable fuel sources, such as bioethanol for tabletop and patio heaters and propane gas for lanterns and fire pit tables, ensuring an eco-friendly outdoor experience. Thanks to innovative technology, our products are also designed to be smoke-free, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of smoke and sparks.

Culinary Versatility

For the outdoor cooking enthusiasts, our BBQ grills and pizza ovens offer unmatched versatility. From grilling and roasting to smoking and baking, our products let you explore your culinary creativity with ease. With efficient temperature control and extended burn times, you can enjoy perfect outdoor meals every time.

Exceptional Quality and Safety

Safety and quality are paramount in our Outdoor Fires collection. Our products are crafted with enduring quality in mind, ensuring they withstand the elements for years to come. Safety features like thick ceramic shells and innovative oxygen flow systems are integrated to provide peace of mind during use.

Elevate your outdoor experience with the Outdoor Fires collection. Whether you seek warmth, culinary possibilities, or simply an enchanting ambiance, our outdoor products are designed to make your outdoor gatherings truly extraordinary.

Planika Square Outdoor Fire Pit with Cover

Original price £765.00 - Original price £765.00
Original price
£765.00 - £765.00
Current price £765.00

Garden Fire Decoration Planika Square Outdoor Firepit stands as an elegant, efficient, and desirable freestanding gas fireplace tailored for your ...

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Planika Square Table with Cover

Original price £1,105.00 - Original price £1,105.00
Original price
£1,105.00 - £1,105.00
Current price £1,105.00

Innovative Outdoor Fire Table Elevate your outdoor oasis with the Square Table, a freestanding fireplace and focal point. Crafted from rust-proof ...

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