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Bringing Nature's Warmth Indoors

Welcome to the Hazelwood Collection, the latest addition to Henley Stoves' prestigious lineup of modern heating solutions. At Henley, we've poured our expertise into research and development, resulting in a range of products that marry contemporary innovation with environmental responsibility. The Hazelwood Collection embodies our commitment to setting new standards in eco-friendly heating.

Eco Design Ready for a Greener Tomorrow

In alignment with the 2022 Eco Design Ready program, the Hazelwood Collection reflects a novel European-wide initiative dedicated to reducing emissions and enhancing air quality. Our Hazelwood wood burning stoves adhere to these stringent standards, making them some of the most environmentally friendly heating solutions available. They significantly outperform open fires by a remarkable 90% and older stoves by 80-84%, offering responsible and eco-conscious heating.

DEFRA Exempt: Paving the Way for Clean Heat

The Hazelwood stoves proudly carry the DEFRA Exempt certification, a badge of honor earned through rigorous testing. This distinction means that you can use these stoves in Smoke Control Areas, offering a clean and eco-friendly alternative that's adaptable to various living environments.

Breathe Easy with External Air

For those who prioritize heat recovery and environmental responsibility, the Hazelwood Collection stoves come equipped with an external air facility. This innovative feature allows the stoves to draw combustion air directly from outside your building, a must-have for heat recovery systems, especially in new build projects. 

Clean Burn Technology: An Eco-Conscious Choice

Crafted with a tertiary air system, the stoves in the Hazelwood Collection embrace clean-burning technology. Hot air is directed into the firebox above the conventional fire level, efficiently combusting excess gases. This innovation not only enhances heating efficiency but also reduces environmental impact.

Air-Wash System: Crystal-Clear Enjoyment

An integral feature across all Henley Stoves, including those in the Hazelwood Collection, is the air-wash system. Thoughtfully placed vents draw in external air to gently wash over the glass front. This preserves an unobstructed view of the captivating flames, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your stove.

Explore the Hazelwood Collection by Henley Stoves, where innovation, eco-conscious design, and stylish heating solutions converge. Make a choice for a greener, more sustainable future without sacrificing warmth and style. Discover more in our related categories: Indoor Fires, Freestanding Fires, and Bioethanol Fires.



Henley Stoves Hazelwood Double Sided Wood Burning Fire (Eco)

Henley Stoves
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£1,515.00 - £1,515.00
Current price £1,515.00

Modern Innovation and Environmental Responsibility Welcome to the Hazelwood Range, the latest addition to the esteemed Henley Stoves collectio...

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Henley Stoves Hazelwood Double Sided Bioethanol Fire

Henley Stoves
Original price £659.00 - Original price £659.00
Original price
£659.00 - £659.00
Current price £659.00

Admire the Allure of Flames from Every Angle The Hazelwood Double Sided Bioethanol fireplace invites you to enjoy flickering flames and ambient war...

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