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Fire Tables

Elevate Your Space with Decorative Fire Tables

Make your space the ultimate gathering place with our selection of ornamental fire tables. Contemporary designs and glass tabletop that inserts sleek style into your decor. Variations of fire tables in our collection, similar with our various fire pits, infuse natural charm into modern designs and there are also choices for sleek industrial aesthetic. Crafted with the environment in mind, our collection features models fueled by clean-burning propane gas. This not only ensures a cosy atmosphere but also reduces emissions, making these products as an eco-conscious choice.

Functionality Meets Form

Our versatile gas inserts can convert into convenient coffee table surfaces when not in use, adding versatility to your outdoor setup. Plus, with hidden propane tank compartments, your outdoor space maintains a clean and organized appearance

Quality and Durability

We understand the importance of longevity, which is why we include durable fire tables in our collection that are made from aluminum and tempered glass. These materials ensure that your investment not only looks great but also stands the test of time.

Fire tables create a mesmerising focal point and cosy gathering spot. Choose from contemporary, nature-inspired, and versatile styles to make your space unforgettable.

Planika Square Table with Cover

Original price £1,105.00 - Original price £1,105.00
Original price
£1,105.00 - £1,105.00
Current price £1,105.00

Innovative Outdoor Fire Table Elevate your outdoor oasis with the Square Table, a freestanding fireplace and focal point. Crafted from rust-proof ...

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