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Ceiling-Mounted Fires

Explore Stylish Indoor Fireplace Solutions

Welcome to our collection of Ceiling-Mounted Fires, where we introduce you to a world of artistic elegance and eco-friendly ambiance. These bioethanol stoves are more than just fireplaces; they are works of art designed to become the focal point of any room. Mounted on the ceiling, they seamlessly blend with their surroundings, adding sophistication and warmth to your space.

Immersive Flames 

Experience the mesmerising dance of flames with our Ceiling-Mounted Bioethanol Stove. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it creates an immersive experience that captivates all who enter. You can enjoy the radiant glow of beautiful flames from both sides, making it a true masterpiece that enhances the ambiance of your room.

Environmentally Friendly and User-Friendly

Our Ceiling-Mounted Bioethanol Stoves achieve 100% energy efficiency while being environmentally conscious. Installation is simple, and there's no need for a chimney or flue system. Maintenance is low, ensuring that you can enjoy the enchanting glow and modern charm hassle-free. Safety measures guarantee peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of real flames without worries.

Contemporary Elegance

These stoves are ingeniously designed to be naturally suspended from the ceiling, creating the illusion of a floating bio fireplace. They epitomise contemporary elegance and come in both white and silver, allowing you to choose the shade that complements your indoor decor. Transform your indoor space into a haven of warmth, style, and tranquillity with our Ceiling-Mounted Bioethanol Stoves.

Explore our collection of Ceiling-Mounted Bioethanol Stoves and elevate your indoor space with the beauty of real flames. Let these remarkable indoor stoves take your home to new heights of luxury, sophistication, and artistic expression.



Henley Stoves Budapest Bioethanol Fire

Henley Stoves
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Contemporary Elegance in Mid-Air The Budapest Bioethanol Fireplace is ingeniously designed to be naturally suspended from the ceiling, creating the...

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