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Barrel Sauna Cost UK

How Much Does a Barrel Sauna Cost?

Imagine walking out to your backyard, snow gently falling, and stepping into the inviting warmth of your personal barrel sauna. The thought is as enticing as a cup of hot cocoa on a winter's day, right?

Now, let's bring you back to the present, the year 2024, where you're considering making this dream a reality. The question on your mind is, "what's the price tag of a barrel sauna?" You'll find that prices can vary dramatically, from a modest £2,000 to an extravagant £9,000 or even more. Factors like size, material, and additional features all play a role in the final cost.

Stick with us as we unravel the intricacies of barrel sauna cost, helping you strike the perfect balance between your budget and desired features. Ready to turn up the heat on this topic? Let's get started.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of a barrel sauna is influenced by factors such as the size of the sauna, type of sauna (basic kit or custom sauna), additional features, choice of wood material for benches, and supplementary items.
  • Additional features like a wood-fired heater or glass front, outdoor durability, ice bath or steam room options, and specific wood materials can impact the pricing of a barrel sauna.
  • Different wood types, such as Thermally Modified Pine, Canadian Red Cedar, and Scandinavian Thermowood, have varying costs and durability, which can affect the overall price of the sauna.
  • Technological add-ons, such as digital control panels, chromotherapy lighting, and Bluetooth speakers, can enhance the sauna experience but may also contribute to the cost. Balancing desired features with budget is important when considering the technology aspect.

Understanding Barrel Sauna Cost

Barrel Sauna Cost UK

So, how can you understand the features associated with a barrel sauna cost? Well, it's not as complicated as you might think. The first thing to consider is the size, type, and specifications of the sauna. The bigger and more advanced your sauna, the more it'll cost.

Basic sauna kits, for instance, start at around £900. But if you're looking for something more high-end, like a Scandinavian kit, you're looking at costs up to £17,000. And don't forget about installation. This will run you about £2,160, and it's recommended that you get professional help to ensure safety.

Custom saunas are another option. These costs vary based on size and features, but on average, you can expect to pay around £12,000.

Thinking about an outdoor sauna? These range from £2,500 to £10,000 for supply only, with installation costs anywhere from £2,000 to £10,000.

It's important to research and compare prices from different suppliers. Remember, you're investing in your health and well-being. That's worth a bit of homework, don't you think?

Factors Influencing Barrel Sauna Cost

As you're considering barrel sauna cost, you'll find that it varies greatly based on size and materials used. Additional features can also influence the price, sometimes quite significantly. So, it's important to consider these factors, compare different options, and choose what best suits your budget and needs.

Size and Material Costs

Diving into the factors that influence barrel sauna cost, the size and materials used play a significant role in determining the final cost.

  • Size: Larger saunas generally cost more due to increased material requirements. For instance, a 4-person sauna would be cheaper than a 6-person one.
  • Material: High-quality woods like Thermally Modified Pine significantly impact the cost. The type of wood used for sauna benches can also affect the price.
  • Additional Features: These can add to the total cost. A porch, changing room, or sauna bathing area all require extra materials and labor. Supplementary items like a wood-fired heater, sauna stones, and stainless steel tightening bands also contribute to the overall cost.

Impact of Additional Features

When it comes to customising your sauna, remember that additional features such as a wood-fired heater or a glass front can significantly impact the total cost. If you're considering a personalised design, be prepared to pay more than you would for a standard sauna kit.

Outdoor saunas, designed to withstand weather conditions, might also cost more than indoor models. Adding an ice bath or steam room increases the price as well.

Furthermore, the choice of specific materials, like Canadian red cedar or Scandinavian Thermowood, and the type of heater used, can affect the final price tag. It's always wise to compare prices and features from various suppliers before making your final decision.

At Better Home Living, you can avoid extra barrel sauna cost with our complete sauna package. With a value of up to £800, enjoy free add-on and features such as heater, headrests, backrests, wooden bucket, ladle, and more.

Barrel Sauna Cost and Material Differences

When considering barrel sauna cost in 2024, it's crucial to assess the materials and technological add-ons. Different types of wood can significantly impact the price, so you'll want to compare these costs carefully. Similarly, advanced features may hike up the price, but can also enhance your sauna experience.

Comparing Wood Type Costs

In choosing a barrel sauna, you'll find that the wood type greatly influences both cost and durability. Here's how the most common wood types compare:

Thermally Modified Pine
  •  Cost-effective
  • Decent durability
Canadian Red Cedar
  • More expensive
  • Natural resistance to decay and insects
Scandinavian Thermowood
  • Exceptional durability and sustainability
  • Higher price tag

Each type has its pros and cons, so your choice should be based on your budget and preferences. If cost is a major factor, opt for the Thermally Modified Pine. If you're looking for longevity, the Canadian Red Cedar and Scandinavian Thermowood are solid options. Remember, it's not just about cost, but also about longevity and maintenance.

Evaluating Technological Add-ons

Your sauna's material and technological add-ons play a significant role in determining its cost, durability, and overall value.

For instance, choosing a type of wood with excellent thermal properties can enhance the sauna's performance but may raise the cost. Similarly, the choice between electric and wood-fired heaters affects both price and experience.

Additional features like glass fronts, roof types, and capacity options can also alter the cost and functionality of the sauna. It's not just the upfront price you should consider, but the long-term costs too. Look into the warranty and maintenance requirements of the materials used. Doing your research before making a purchase goes a long way in ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Technology and Barrel Sauna Cost

Barrel Sauna Cost with LED lights

As you consider investing in a barrel sauna, it's important to understand that technology can significantly impact the cost. Advanced features like digital controls, chromotherapy lighting, or Bluetooth speakers can raise the price, but they also offer an enhanced sauna experience.

Consider these factors:

  • Size and Design: Standard models are more affordable, but custom designs tailored to your needs can boost the price. Remember, size influences cost, so think about how many people will use the sauna simultaneously.
  • Material Quality: High-quality woods like cedar, thermowood, or hemlock last longer and provide better insulation, but they're also more expensive.
  • Technological Add-Ons: Basic models may only have a simple heater, but advanced options can include:
    • Digital control panels for ease of use
    • Chromotherapy lighting for added relaxation
    • Bluetooth speakers for entertainment

Ultimately, it's a balance between your budget and your desired features. While technology can add to the initial cost, it can also enhance your sauna experience, making it a worthwhile investment.

Monthly Cost to Run a Barrel Sauna

Now that you're familiar with the factors influencing the cost of a barrel sauna, let's examine the monthly expenses you'll incur running one. Your monthly cost will depend primarily on your electricity rates and how often you use your sauna. On average, if you're using your barrel sauna for a few hours every day, you could be looking at a monthly cost of between £20 to £40.

Investing in an energy-efficient barrel sauna could help lower your monthly operating costs compared to traditional saunas. How? Well, these saunas are designed to use less energy while providing the same level of heat and comfort. Additionally, ensuring your sauna is properly insulated and sealed can further reduce your monthly energy expenses.

But remember, to get an accurate estimate of your monthly cost, you'll need to consider the wattage of your sauna heater and your local electricity rates. Don't skip this step! It's essential to understand all the costs associated with your sauna, not just the upfront price tag. So, dig a little deeper and ensure you're fully informed before making this investment.

Better Home Living Barrel Sauna Cost

If you're shopping for a spacious sauna, Better Home Living offers a wide variety of options for barrel sauna cost. We have collections such as wood burning barrel sauna, electric barrel sauna, 4 person barrel sauna, and more. We offer a complete set of sauna package with free add-ons and features valued up to £800, providing you with everything you need for a truly relaxing experience.

Here's what you'll get for your money:

  • A barrel sauna of your choice
  • A variety of customisation features, including:
    • colour options
    • layout options
    • heater option
    • LED lights option
    • full glass back wall option
  • Quality construction materials and components, including:
    • Roofing shingles for durability.
    • A free Harvia Sauna Heater for a steady, consistent heat.
    • Free add-ons and features with a value up to £800, consisting of 
      • Electric heater Harvia Vega BC80 - 8kw (400V 3-phase input) £315
      • 2 windows in front and back £50
      • Stainless door seal £20
      • Clothes hanger £20
      • Head rest - 2 pcs £60
      • Heater safety fence £70
      • Sauna light £70
      • Thermometer - Hydrometer £30
      • Wooden bucket and ladle £55

Additionally, we provide various delivery options to suit your needs. And if you're interested in different sizes or heating options, we certainly have you covered with a variety of other barrel sauna models.

Choosing the Right Barrel Sauna for Your Budget

While Better Home Living offers a range of sauna models, you'll still need to carefully consider your budget when choosing the perfect sauna for your home. Costs fluctuate based on size, material, and additional features. A standard barrel sauna can set you back between £2,000 to £7,000.

If you're looking for a luxe experience, consider high-end models with advanced technology, but be prepared to shell out more than £9,000. Take into account installation costs as well, which can hover around £2,160. Hire a competent professional to ensure a safe and correct setup. Custom saunas offer design flexibility and quality finishes, but can cost around £12,000.

Outdoor saunas are another option, costing between £2,500 to £10,000, excluding installation. If you're after some extra pampering, think about adding an ice bath or steam room. Costs for these luxuries range from £4,000 to £8,000 and £1,500 to £40,000, respectively. Remember, the right sauna for your home should align with your budget, lifestyle, and wellness goals.

Explore our collection and enjoy less barrel sauna cost with our complete sauna package. Shop with free add-on and features valued up to £800, consisting of heater, wooden bucket, ladle, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Barrel Saunas Worth It?

You're asking if barrel saunas are worth it. Absolutely! They heat up faster, use less energy, and are durable. Despite the cost, you're investing in relaxation, health benefits, and an eco-friendly, unique sauna experience.

Is a Sauna Expensive to Run?

Running a sauna might seem as costly as a spaceship launch, but it's not. It depends on your sauna's size, type, usage, and electricity rates. However, smart energy-saving practices can keep your costs down.

Why Are Saunas so Expensive?

You're wondering why saunas are so pricey. It's due to the high-quality materials, professional installation, and additional features like ice baths and steam rooms. Custom and outdoor saunas typically cost more due to their unique requirements.

What Is the Average Price to Build a Sauna?

You're wondering about the average cost to build a sauna. It really depends on size, type, and specifications. Basic kits start at £900, high-quality ones reach £17,000. Custom saunas with top finishes average around £12,000.


So, investing in a barrel sauna is like planting a tree. Sure, there's an initial cost, but the benefits – relaxation, health, and even increased property value – grow over time. Remember, a basic model costs around £2,000, while a high-end one can reach £9,000.

But, the tranquility it brings? Priceless. So, weigh your options, consider your budget, and take that step towards creating your very own soothing oasis. The perfect barrel sauna is waiting for you.

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